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Тут в Польше 9 августа повязали анархиста и активиста движения Еда вместо бомб  Krzysztof Wantoch-Rekowsk. Сидит уже две недели. Подробности в письме по английски ниже.

Там стандартный текст письма протеста на английском в Минюст и куда посылать письма поддержки, листовки и т.п. в тюрьму где он сидит.

Слава Анархии!
участник Альянса казанских анархистов

To: "The Anarchist International" <ifa@anarchy.no>
Sent: Saturday, August 19, 2006 12:39 PM
Subject: polish anarchist prisoner

On Wed 9th of August, Krzysztof Wantoch-Rekowski - a longtime activist of the Polish Anarchist Federation and Food Not Bombs from Poznaё - was detained by the police. He has been put into jail for six weeks for... destroying his identity card (article 276 of the Penal Code).

We are calling for expressions of solidarity with Krzysztof:
1. sending protest letters to the Ministry of Justice
2. sending solidarity letters to the prison where Krzysztof is being detained.

Below is a sample of the letter to the Ministry:

I, signed below, protest against the detention of Krzysztof Wantoch-Rekowski - a longtime activist with the Polish Anarchist Federation from Poznan and Food Not Bombs group - in prison in Poznan. His sentence is unnecessarily harsh and illustrates the repressive character of the Polish state. I demand his immediate release!

Address of the Ministry of Justice:
Ministerstwo SprawiedliwoЖci
Al. Ujazdowskie 11
00-950 Warszawa, POLAND

Sygnatura akt (file signature): WK 1481/03/4

Solidarity letters to Krzysztof (postcards, letters, leaflets, newspapers, etc. please remember that all of them will be filtered by censors). Address of Krzysztof in prison:

Krzysztof Wantoch-Rekowski
A¦ Poznaё
MГyёska 1
61-729 Poznaё, POLAND

Anarchist Federation from Poland/Poznan
Anarchist Black Cross/ Poznan
Anarchist Black Cross (International)